Monday, 23 August 2010

Article by PKR in The Australian

A close election result can lead to days of delusion. It happened to the Coalition in the days after the 1990 election when we thought that we might win. For nearly a week, the counting dragged on and on. Our senior people were delusional in saying that the result was too close to call and they were using the interregnum to prepare for government. It fell to me to burst the bubble by publicly declaring that we needed to start preparing for more opposition.

Whatever the 2010 election result, the bubble will soon burst for Labor. Within a week it will dawn on Labor that their campaign and their leader Julia Gillard have been a disaster. Her argument for her political execution of Kevin Rudd was that she could do better and keep Labor in office. Whatever the result, that claim largely disappeared on Saturday night when the Coalition won more seats and Labor had lost its outright majority. The only thing that could have justified her assault on Kevin Rudd was a winning mandate. Even worse, she has spent her time as leader demolishing many of Labor’s policy positions. They may not know it yet, but sooner or later, Labor will have to contemplate a brand new leader.