Saturday, 21 January 2012

Wilkie and Gillard deserve each other

The agreement between Andrew Wilkie and Julia Gillard.

I have seen some broken promises in my time but this one is in the top ten.

Mr Wilkie told people in his electorate that he would abandon the Labor Party if they reneged on the Agreement. It is clear that Labor has now reneged on the Agreement by refusing to honour the gambling reforms sought by Mr Wilkie. To add insult to injury,  Mr Wilkie has also broken his promise by accommodating Gillard's breach of the Agreement.

This outcome was obvious months ago to me and others but Mr Wilkie is so close to Labor he could not see the inevitable.

Wilkie and Gillard certainly deserve each other and hopefully they will both be tossed out of office at the next election.

Details of the Agreement

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