Thursday, 14 November 2013

Rudd to leave Parliament

Kevin Rudd to leave politics.

The hardest achievement in politics is to be elected leader of the opposition and then wrest government from the incumbent. Rudd managed this feat in 2007.
Whatever his alleged faults, many Australians thought that the Labor caucus was wrong to oust  Rudd from the Prime Ministership in his first term. There is no doubt that the caucus panicked; at the time of the Gillard  coup, the two party preferred vote according to News poll showed Labor still ahead.

Politics is a tough game and leaders have to wear the barbs of public opinion more than most.
Rudd made the point yesterday that regardless of how tough you may be by reputation politicians at the top of their profession still feel the barbs. Inevitably, if you take a stand on an issue, you will soon cop the consequences. Twitter has become the platform of choice for more abuse.
Perhaps Rudd might take with him, the suggestion of Paul Keating this week on ABC TV, that the barbs are best counted as badges of honour collected by those who are prepared to stand in the public market place and contribute to the public debate.

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